Hunan Sungpai Greenrevo Materials Co. Ltd. was founded in December 2017. It is a high-tech optical application-oriented enterprise. It takes the lead in the research and development and quantitative production of luminous decorative materials in China and is in the leading position in the industry. The company integrates production, R&D and sales. There are 2 PhD and 7 Master's degree employees. The proportion of employees with college degree or above is more than 80%. The technical leader of the company is Professor Li Kean, who enjoys the special allowance of the State Council.

Hunan Sungpai Greenrevo Materials Co. Ltd. can provide customers with intelligent control scheme of light efficiency, effect maps and construction drawings free of charge, and quickly carry out customized production.

The success of "Sungpai Greenrevo" will quickly replace the lamp lighting and decorative materials with high energy consumption and pollution, thus triggering a profound change in the lighting and decoration industry. As a result, a brand new product will quietly enter our life world, impact and change our way of life.